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ICF Home Architect / Builder

D.F. Maher Architects & Builders designs and builds residential homes primarily using Insulated Concrete Form Construction (ICF). We design all of our homes using three dimensional computer aided design that lets our clients see their ideas melded into a stunning home. In twenty years we have never built the same home twice. ICF offers you flexibility and tremendous energy savings. We also incorporate Geothermal Heating and Cooling and Radiant Floor Heating in our home designs. Together they can save as much as seventy percent on utility bills. It is the best way of investing in yourself rather than the gas company.

With available tax credits, the net cost of installing a geothermal system is the same as a gas fired system.

All of our residential (home) designs are competitively bid to multiple sub-contractors and those bids are shared with our clients. After work has been completed and inspected, the invoices are paid by your Bank and Title Company directly to the sub-contractors. D.F. Maher never touches your money. This transparent Construction Manager process ensures that our clients receive the highest quality for the dollar.

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