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Geothermal Architecture

Geothermal Heating and Cooling, coupled with Insulated Concrete Form Construction (ICF) provides the ultimate in energy efficiency. We install a heat collection system to extract the heat from the earth and use it to heat and cool homes and buildings. By extracting the heat from the earth, we can dramatically reduce the amount of gas, oil and electricity we use. Geothermal systems save money the moment they are turned on and become a valuable asset to the home or building.

The Federal Tax Credits make the net cost of installing a geothermal system nearly identical to a gas fired system. We can not sight a single reason why any home owner would not install a geothermal heating and cooling system when building.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

A great many of our home owners elect to install a radiant floor heating system. With this system, hot water runs through tubing in the floors. The water gives off heat to the floor which becomes a giant radiator. This radiant heat warms the objects in the room, much like a pot belly stove does, instead of the air.

In standard forced air heating and cooling, the floor temperature might read sixty-five degrees and the ceiling temperature one hundred and seven degrees. This is not the best arrangement for economy or comfort. With radiant floor heating, every room can have a thermostat and the warm air remains where people are. A valve merely opens or closes to regulate the heat to the room. In this way the Master Bed Room could be kept as sixty-eight degrees at night and the Master Bath kept at seventy five degrees. Warm tile floors are great. In addition to the comfort, home owners will have a savings of 40% on their energy costs.