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D. F. Maher Architects-Builders has been designing and building Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) homes and buildings, as well as standard structures since 1992. We build our projects as a Construction Manager (CM) and that process alone can save our clients up to fifteen percent of the cost of construction. We have included hundreds of photos of completed concrete homes and other projects as well as text information on the Insulated Concrete Form construction process.

David Maher has a masters degree in architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is a member of the AIA.

We work all over Wisconsin, as far north as the tip of Door County and as far south as the Illinois state line. We recently finished designing and building concrete homes in both Waukesha and Madison. While we still design and build traditional woodframe buildings, the energy efficiency and security of Insulated Concrete Form construction has made wood frame construction, for us, much less common.

We designed our first Insulated Concrete Form home in 1992. It was called the "Life House" and was built for Terry Alby in East Troy, Wisconsin. That house won the first "Home of the Year" award for us. The second "Home of the Year" award was won for "The Little Big House" model Insulated Concrete Form home in Neenah, WI. Our third "Home of the Year" was awarded in 2016 by Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

We build all of our concrete homes as a Construction Manager rather than as the licensed contractors that we are. The difference is that all of the subcontractors, plumbers, electricians, framers, lumber companies etc., must competitively bid the project and our clients see and help select the winning bids. Those costs are then paid by your bank directly to the subcontractors after the work has been completed and inspected. We are paid in the same way as the subcontractors, but as a percentage of the constructed project. In this way our clients can see and control their costs and save thousands of dollars over the traditional General Contractor controlled construction process of their concrete homes.

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Our Process

  1. We design each project as a computer generated 3D model. This allows you to see and "walk" through the design in virtual reality before it is built.
  2. We then bid the project as a Construction Manager. Acting as your partner, we competitively bid all the parts of construction to multiple sub-contractors and share these bids with you.
  3. We build the project in a similar manner as a general contractor. The exception is that all costs are paid by your bank and Title Company directly to the sub-contractors after the work is completed and inspected by us and the bank. We never touch your money.